Alice has never used her name, ever, and people call her ‘The Bam’.

Bam is a gothy angel

Bam still totally loves Summer, they broke up a couple of months ago. Normally she works as a palliative care nurse, specifically working with people who have a short time left. She will work at that for two or three years at a stint, then during her emotional recharge time, like now, she drives a black, euphemistically stencilled private ambulance. She breathes the air, listens to her music. Mostly the job is picking up the dead and taking them on the next part of their journey. With Summer.

What happens when one of their dead passengers turns out to be a little bit undead?

WARNING: Contains scenes of violence, torture, drug taking, some bad language and a little bit of shop lifting and mild bestiality. (But the bestiality is funny and very feminist.)


“Hilariously dark (or is that darkly hilarious? I couldn’t quite tell, it’s a fine line…)”


“…a wonderful series of asides, in which Shelley comments wittily on every aspect of life imaginable…”


“It is so refreshing to read a novel that not only has vampires and werewolves but also has strong female characters.”